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Facebook Management

We setup and manage a Facebook page for your business.
After signup you simply send us content and we post and promote it for you.

1st Gear

R500 Once Off Setup
  • Min Post Views pm: 2,500
  • Max Posts pm: 4

2nd Gear

R500 Once Off Setup
  • Min Post Views pm: 5,000
  • Max Posts pm: 8

Full Throttle

R500 Once Off Setup
  • Min Post Views pm: 10,000
  • Max Posts pm: 20

Website Rental

We setup and manage a website for your business. After signup you simply send us content and we maintain the template and server for you. Plus you get a FREE new template every 5 years.


R2000 Once Off Setup
  • Single Page (Eng)
  • Featured Products: 6
  • Maintenance: up to 30min pm


R2500 Once Off Setup
  • Single Page (Eng)
  • Featured Products: 12
  • Maintenance: up to 60min pm


R3500 Once Off Setup
  • Multi Page (Afr & Eng)
  • Featured Products: 24
  • Maintenance: up to 120min pm

Screen Advertising

Pricing is for ONE MONTH's broadcasting (billed at 15 days to make provision for future downtime due to technical issues)
on our screen at Hessequa Traffic Department Mondays to Fridays 07:30 - 15:30.
Up to 12 x designs (showcasing one product OR service each)


FREE Setup
  • 10sec visibility every 4 minutes


FREE Setup
  • 10sec visibility every 3 minutes


FREE Setup
  • 10sec visibility every minute


Annalise founded the business in 2013. She is a very hardworking, humble and caring person. She is extremely grateful for each and every one of her client's loyal support. "God inspired me to start the business and blessed me with the wisdom to manage it, therefore I take great care of it and I do not take one client for granted" she says. She believes in offering her clients with top quality services at affordable rates.

"Never ever will I charge my clients expensive hourly rates. My goal is simple.. to put bread on my table, while helping my clients to grow their businesses".

You'll rarely find a designer as dedicated and loyal to her clients as Annalise. Many days while everyone is sound asleep in the early morning hours, Annalise is still up working.

"I would like to commend Annalise on her extremely high standard of work. She put a great deal of effort into the design of our site. She has an extraordinary sense for her clients needs. Thank you Annalise for all your hard work and dedication and for always being available to assist."



Paul co-founded the business with Annalise and is in charge of marketing and customer care. He is always on time for appointments and is always willing to walk the extra mile for his clients. Whenever there are technical issues with emails or security threats on websites, he gets it sorted out in no time. Paul stays in contact with his clients and phones or visits them once a month.

"Its important to me to not only build a long term business relationship with my clients, but also friendship for life. Marketing is not for everyone. It's hard work, but rewarding. I would like to thank my Heavenly Father for blessing us. I would also like to thank each and every one of my clients for their loyal support. I pray that our valued clients will continue to do business with us for many years to come".

"Hul diens is uitstekend! Ek het onmiddellik aanklank gevind by hul produk toe Paul dit kom bemark het. Ek is opgewonde oor die toekoms van my besigheid in samewerking met REACH. Ek kan hul ten sterkste aanbeveel."


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